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Quarantine it is! Most people are home, we’ve lost time already! Many days of doubt, idleness and plenty of time. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be idle time. We’ve compiled a list of things that you can try during this period of isolation. The idea is to have a long to-do list that makes the quarantine time valuable and unnoticeable.

  1. Complete a puzzle: Try simple puzzles first, if you begin with hard ones you might lose interest. Take on a Rubik’s Cube or Crossword puzzle!
  2. Start a journal or blog. Sure, it can be about anything. Your love life, your family, literally anything. It also could be about corona-virus.
  3. Document the family! grab your phone and start video recording the kids and yourself on a daily. At the end of the quarantine compile all the videos into one Documentary. Call it the quarantine days. it’s one of the best Best ways to keep memories.
  4. Read a book! start with those that interest you. Read at least a page every day.
  5. Call your family and friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while. During the call remind them of the golden memories you shared with them. You can choose to make conference calls. Use Skype, face time, Google Hangouts or Marco Polo to video chat with your long-distance friends.
  6. Watch all the really long movies you’ve been putting away til now.
  7. Download Duo lingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Start a 30-day skincare routine e.g face masks, moisturizer, Treat yourself to a skincare routine that you don’t have time for during a normal workweek.
  10. Get new recipes from YouTube and try them out with the kids each day.
  11. Write actual letters to family and friends, old fashioned huh! You will appreciate when all the texts come in and now you have nothing to wait on!
  12. Play board games; Chess, draft, monopoly, snakes and ladders ludo, name it.
  13. Try on all your clothes. Get rid of all those you don’t plan on wearing and create room in your wardrobe.
  14. Knit or crochet.
  15. Download a fitness app and try out yoga or aerobics.
  16. Take time to reflect on what you accomplished in the last year? What goals are you setting for yourself in the next year?
  17. Tidy up, fix that broken door handle, remove those cobwebs in the corner of the kitchen, don’t forget to throw out all your old makeup tools and replace them.
  18. Audit your phone and create space. Go through your camera roll. Its time to delete those unnecessary photos and unwatched videos.
  19. Work on your financial planning, explore whether to refinance your loan or learn ways to save more money.
  20. Dye your hair a new colour. No one else has to see it if you don’t like it.
  21. Give your home a makeover. rearranging your furniture, paint, change things around.
  22. Get a free trial of a streaming service like Netflix and watch as much as you can before it expires.
  23. Write your will. yes! it sounds dramatic, doesn’t it!?, but you might never have time to do so.
  24. How many words per minute can you type? See if you can get speedier by taking a typing course. Or Start using what’s app web to speed up your typing speed.
  25. Consider donating money and food to struggling families.
  26. Learn other ways to wear your head wrap or veil.
  27. Try on a new shade of lipstick. See how long it takes for your partner to notice it.
  28. Get lots of sleep.
  29. Pray and pray
  30. Limit your social media intake
  31. Catch up on some podcasts.
  32. Beat your high score. On all your games. Whatever it takes
  33. Make a list of all the things you’re going to do once this shit is over.

PS: we won’t have this forever, it will also come to an end!

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